CTC Fundamental Business Program Case Study Title

Client Problem: A metropolitan utility company was in the process of redefining their organizational strategy and strategic direction and needed a training course to emphasize the organization’s new vision and mission to all employees. This course was mandatory; every employee had to complete the training activities, either individually or in small groups, and register completion in the corporate human resources database. The training was to be delivered via computer-based CD. The organization is physically located in multiple buildings around the city, with many employees being in the field for the majority of their workday.

CTC Utilities Case Study ImageOur Solution: We met with C-level and upper management to gather critical content information for the training. Our training design was in a modular format that gained learner interest by presenting content in the form of questions, e.g., “Who are we?,” “How do we do business?,” “Why are we changing?,” “How are we changing?,” and “How will it affect me?”

The visuals that we incorporated into the training reflected real-life scenarios in the utility company, which enabled employees to take ownership of the training.

To begin the training, there was a required login screen, where employees entered their name (or all names if completing in a group). Upon completion of an assessment at the end of training, we created a custom CGI script that automatically linked to the company's database to register completion.