CTC Tech Auto Case Study Title

Client Problem:A medical supply company employs approximately 600 field service technicians in locations around the United States to service their products in hospitals and other care centers. These technicians used paper forms to report their daily activities on each service call. This process was time consuming and many times inaccurate due to lost or improperly fill-out forms.

To automate this reporting requirement, the company changed over to providing every service technician with a hand-held computer that linked to the corporate JDE system. The computer was primarily used to assign service calls to individual technicians who completed the necessary tasks and then closed the call in the system. There were also several other functions provided on the hand-held that technicians needed to use.

The challenge was that many of the technicians did not have basic computer skills and needed step-by-step guidance through procedures they must perform on the hand-held computer.

CTC Tech Auto Case Study imageOur Solution:We created a hands-on “tech automation” workshop that was incorporated into the technician’s basic training. It is a two-day facilitator-led workshop that includes a participant workbook containing step-by-step descriptions of procedures and a series of hands-on exercises. For the facilitator, we created a slide presentation that includes visual simulations that show every step of procedures performed with the hand-held. Each technician has their own device so they can follow the simulations and perform the procedures during the workshop. A training test database was created in the JDE system to enable technicians access to real-life scenarios during the training.